Thursday, August 25, 2011

Frozen Latte

I am a die hard coffee drinker.  This is a great low cal frozen coffee.  Quick, easy, inexpensive, and low cal.....

Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

1 cup skim milk-add ice to make 3 cups
1 box fat free sugar free vanilla pudding
1 cup frozen fat free cool whip
1 TBS. instant coffee

Mix in blender and serve with cool whip on top and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer in the South

With the high temperature and humidity there is nothing better than a cold refreshing drink.  I am a diet pepsi addict.  I admit it and I am not interested intervention.  Iced tea with fresh mint and lemon is a great change every now and then.  I love to slice a fresh lemon and go outside and pick the fresh mint. 

But to change it up a bit....this recipe is especially great with all the fresh peaches in season:

You can use instant tea, I prefer fresh tea.  Fill a pretty glass pitcher alittle over half full with tea.  Add Crystal Light Peach Tea, one small tub out of the canister.  Top off the pitcher with Ginger Ale.  I make my sweet tea with Splenda and use diet Ginger Ale.  Add your sliced fresh peaches.  It doesn't get any more Southern than that....sweet tea and peaches, sweltering temperatures and high humidity equals Summer in the South. 

The first time I had this tea was at a luncheon.  It was winter, no fresh peaches.  Our hostess used slice lemons, limes and oranges.  It was the talk of the luncheon.  The food was great but everyone was asking for the tea recipe.

Refresh yourself on this hot humid Sunday afternoon.