Saturday, September 29, 2012

Housecleaning.......Long Overdue!

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted.  It has been such a busy summer......a busy year.  Twelve years ago we purchased a patio home.  We got rid of alot a dead weight so to speak.  I remember telling my husband that I did not realize how theraputic that process was going to be.  Well once again I did not see this coming but a great theraputic cleaning!  I knew I needed a refreshing and renewal from the life draining world I had to live in each day. The job change has been and still is AWESOME!!  The thing I did not expect was the cleansing I would experience.  I have been surrounded by people who I only see, hear know the only exist when they want something from you!  And then there are the ones who are so nice to your face and will sacrifice you and anyone else they need to in order to make themselves look good.  However, I also was surrounded by great friends that I cherish.  And you know those are the relationships that have not changed at all because of a job change......not at all! When I changed jobs I discovered a whole new world.  An amazing concept....TEAM WORK!  Everyone works together, everyone willing to lend a helping hand.  A two way street. It really is true that the group takes on the personality of the leader.  Our Director is not just the boss, she is an amazing leader!   She is down to earth, caring, an amazing business woman, fair, and knows how to balance it all.....not too much "boss" and not too much "down to earth". And she makes it look so easy.  So many have the wrong idea about what "boss" means.  One of the questions I ask when interviewing is "What do you think makes a great boss?"  I am glad to tell those I hire that we have a great boss and a great leader!

So the year has been a cleansing of people in my life who I only exist for what they need from me to being surrounded by family and friends that are "real".  The saying is so true "What is not good for you will only continue as long as you allow it."  It took a stepping back and looking at two very different worlds to realize just how true that really is.

Housecleaning is not fun and is sometimes painful but when you have a clean house it feels so refreshing.  If you are not careful, making a living will suck you into having the life sucked out of you.  You think you are enjoying your "real" friends and real "family" to the least I did.  With this cleansing I have alot more energy to put into those positive very wonderful things in my life.  You don't realize in the middle of it just how much until you take your life back.  Is your life out of balance because of what you have allowed to continue?  Is it time for a very healthy and positive housecleaning?

Lovin life.........I hope you are.