Thursday, July 7, 2011

Productive Or Not????

As far as jewelry making this week, it has not been as fun as I had hoped.  I have focused on a couple of new techniques.  New for me.  I continue to practicing my bead loop wrap and it is looking better.  I received my leather order for Leather Cord USA (thanks Tracy Statler for introducing me to this company).  The leather is beautiful.  As you can see I have made by first bracelets with leather.

In discussing over lunch with a friend I came to realize that my week has been productive even though it does not looking like it in my jewelry making world.  I only have a couple of new pieces to show for my work, but I am learning and that sense it has been productive.

My lunch friend brought her first polymer clay beads.  She did a great job.  I can't wait to try some myself.

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  1. How nice - having lunch with a friend and sharing your new creations. The bracelets in your last post turned out beautifully!