Saturday, March 24, 2012

Only One Perfect Person Has Lived On This Earth

Yesterday I was having a talk with my supervisor.  I had not seen her much in a couple of to the job and she is not hovering over me....nice feeling to be trusted to do your job even though I am still have so much to learn.  She stopped by to ask me how I felt things were going.  I mentioned that I knew they did not expect me to know everything yet but I have a higher and sometimes unreasonably expectation set for myself.  She said "Remember, we do not expect perfection, we strive for excellence!  There has been only one perfect person who lived on this earth and He died 2000 years ago."

After coming from the department I worked in..... this way of thinking will take some adjusting but what a great adjustment back to a "reasonable" way of working day to day.  People make mistakes, things slip through the cracks, in this department it is apparent that is understandable.  There has to be room for human error and I have been given persmission on more than on occasion in the last 4 weeks to be human.  It is great to work hard, come home tired and yet no stress!  A happy employee is a productive employee.

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