Monday, September 5, 2011

Dreaming Big

What would you do if time, money, or job was not a concern?  I would open a shop called Decompress.  After all isn't stress a huge issue for us all? Combining my love for coffee and jewelry, picture this. A relaxing little coffee shop serving homemade baked goods, great coffee and of coarse free WiFi on one side and a bead shop on the other. There is another component to Decompress I am saving for last.

How about those days when you just want to go somewhere have a cup of coffee, open your laptop and not talk to anyone.  Just unwind.  Or meet friends for coffee and dessert after dinner or my personal favorite...,coffee and dessert for dinner.

And on the other side of Decompress.....a bead shop.  Grab a cup of coffee and hang out with friends and make jewelry.  Let's say we have 6 ladies at the table making jewelry.  Each one brings their own style to the table.  Motivation, inspiration, and encouragement to step outside the box.  That's what I see happening as well as making new friends that share a love for creating jewelry.  We could offer classes, sell homemade components and beads as well as factory made.  Jewelry made by select jewelry designers for sale.... The possiblities here are endless. There is not a business like this in our town and only one bead store here.   

Now for the third component to Decompress.  My husband is a theraputic massage therapist.  Yes, you guessed it... how could you have a business called Decompress and not have a massage therpist in the building.  We have always enjoyed being together and have often talked about one day working together.

Dreaming Big.....




  1. Sounds heavenly. What could be better? Beads, coffee and massage - oh my! You are a lucky girl to have a husband that is a massage therapist.

  2. Cindi, I LOVE your dream!!! You mentioned so many wonderful things in one post: coffee...beads...dessert....friends. *sigh*

  3. Cindi, this is just an amazing dream! I think that now that you have put that dream out there, you need to come up with even more action steps to make it a reality. And by putting it out there, the Universe has a funny way of delivering circumstances and people and resources that if you have your eyes wide open you will recognize their value to dream building. I don't know where you are, but this sounds like heaven to me! Totally awesome!

    Enjoy the day!