Sunday, September 25, 2011

A New Friend and A Fall Festival

My husband Charlie reconnected with a couple of childhood friends on Facebook.  Long story short.....Janet has been coming to see Charlie weekly for him to work on her shoulder.  Charlie had mentioned to me before I met Janet that she was a fabulous artist.  She does oil and watercolors and loves painting portraits.  She worked as a graphic design artist for years.  We began talking about making jewelry.  Janet is not limited to painting in her creative abilities. What is really neat about this new friendship is that she can teach me so much about techniques and tools and I can teach her about selling online and blogging.  She is very comfortable with a paint brush and blank canvas.  The computer.....not so much, so we are working on that together.

Both our husbands play guitar and sing. Last Saturday they came for dinner.  The guys had a jam session and we set up a blog and Etsy shop for Janet.  That night we talked about being ready next year this time for the fast approaching holiday season. 

The following week our computer tech at the office mentioned to me that his son's school was having a festival and they were signing up vendors if I was interested.  This was like 3 days after Janet and I had the holiday season talk planning for next year.  I understand this festival had 750 attend last year and they are expecting over 1000 this year.  Sooooo....Janet and I decided to go for it.  This opportunity was put in front of us.  We need to take it.

Greenville Classical Academy Fall Festival and Holiday Market will be October 15th from 10:00-2:00.   Check out the website at  There is a long list of vendors as well as all the items in the Silent Auction.

Janet and I were planning to start stocking our Etsy shops this week.  I think us newbies at this business will just focus on this event for now.  I tend to take on too much at a time.  Not as easy to do at the age of 55.

Hope to see you at the festival.  What a fun way to do some Christmas shopping.

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