Saturday, November 5, 2011

Organization-Love It!

Twelve years ago we decided to downsize and simplify our lives.  We bought a patio home and we love, love, love the lifestyle.  I said that to say that I do not have a studio that I work in.  I would not like the isolation.  My husband and I like hanging out together.  Our sunroom and family room and kitchen are all open, which we also love.  When we are home, we are always together.  Therefore dining room table in the favorite room is a perfect place for me to make jewelry.  When we first moved in here my husband called the sunroom, Cindi's room because I love it so.

I am an organizer, I would love to do that for a living.  I find alot of satisfaction in taking a mess that is just caous and doesn't make sense to something attractive, orderly, and makes perfect sense.  I went to a seminar years ago.  Author Emily Barnes was the speaker.  She had great ideas on making a house a home, making memories and sooo much more.  However, there was one take away that has been a life changer for me.  Emily Barnes said "There are stresses in life that we have no control over.  And then there are stresses that we can remove if we choose."  She very wisely suggested that we look at those things in our lives that were stressful and ask ourselves is this a stresser that I can choose to remove.  Not being able to find something that I know is somewhere in this house makes me crazy.  A stresser I chose to remove with organization. 

All that said, I need a place to keep all my beads, tools and jewelry making supplies.  I have been using a piece of furniture much like this one for quite awhile.   I found this on Pinterest and will be making some adjustments to my cabinet.  Are you sick of me talking about Pinterest?  I promise they are not paying me to advertise for them.  Check this out craft armoir  If you double click on the pictures on Pinterest you will get great instructions on how to put the project together.

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