Friday, November 4, 2011

Pinterest-The Paperless Magazine

Do you have stacks of magazines that you dogear pages of fashions, recipes, home decor or a great idea you want to refer back to?  I will keep a stack in the magazine basket by the fireplace planning to do just that and I usually don't take the time to find those items again.  When the basket is full I give away the magazines and start the process again.  Knowing full well I will probably not pick up the magazine again.  So why didn't I come up with Pinterest!  I love this site.  A friend described it best by saying "it is like creating your own magazine." 

Not only do I love all the great ideas and recipes....I LOVE the organization options.  I can title my boards (categories) whatever I want and have them at my fingertips to refer back to.  Genius!!!!

Another reason I love paper, no clutter!

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