Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Spirit of Giving

I have just read post from the blogs I follow.  Very moving, heart tugging, thought provoking!  I sooo love this time of year.  The little girl in me comes out.  I love decorating, baking, making special gifts. I love it all!  I love to start thinking, planning, making things in October.  Not only to plan ahead since I am NOT a last minute kinda girl, but to make this holiday time stretch out over a couple of months.  I hate when it seems to go so quickly.
There are several things about this holiday time that I wish I could bottle up and make last all year long.  People seem to be more giving.  Not only to those they love but to strangers in need.  As I read the blog post I referred to earlier I found myself thinking about how these women are making a difference by one person starting and many others following.  Yes I have heard all the great stories how one person begins something and makes a huge impact on society.  I guess reading these post and thinking about how I love the spirit of giving this time of year....I have begun thinking about what I can do to keep this spirit of giving to continue throughout the year.  Why can't everyday be like Christmas......aren't those words to a song????

I encourage you to find some time this weekend to sit by the fire in your favorite chair.   Grab a cup of coffee, turn on the Christmas lights and read some of the recent post of my favorite bloggers and see how you are inspired.


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